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top albums of 2012 (i know it’s too late, but bite me)

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Top five artists for week ending April 8, 2012:

  1. VersaEmerge (21)
  2. The Mars Volta (16)
  3. Every Time I Die (16)
  4. Enter Shikari (15)
  5. Manchester Orchestra (14)

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can i just say that letlive. puts on an amazing live show? the singer/screamer is really intense and crazy. i thought foxy shazam was crazy, but letlive. really knows how to rep. just yesterday i saw them with enter shikari and i was blown away by their energy. jason, the singer/screamer was dancing all over the place, jumping into the crowd, and running in every direction possible. this guy, who was either their roadie, or someone who worked at the paradise had to keep reeling the microphone cord every 5 seconds. nevermind that the whole band apparently had a vendetta against mic stands as well. pretty sure jason broke the mic in the last song when he jumped up and hit the mic against something in the ceiling. also, the guitarist knocked down one of the stacked amps just so he can use a mic to play his guitar.

although my favorite moment was when jason, in the middle of a song, ran out towards the crowd and then up the second floor, only to slide down the banister. when he landed, he reasoned “i just wanted to see if it would work.” lol.

at the end of the night i got jason and anthony, the drummer to sign a cd. the drummer was pretty awesome. he remembered me cuz i gave him the thumbs up while he was packing up his set. i said hi to him and he was like “were you up there the whole time?” yes. yes i was. standing there by the corner where all the instruments are, like a nerd.

but let’s not forget the headliner, enter shikari. i’ve been dying to see them since i got into them, and everytime, it didn’t work out. this time, however, it was perfect. i noticed that the drummer looked different, and thought he was pretty hot, until they explained that he had visa issues and couldn’t come, so steve was filling in for them (drum tech). he did fine the first two songs, and then the band started making fun of him, saying he could mess up the rest of the show. steve actually messed up “juggernauts” and i caught it. i saw rou smiling at him, so i knew for sure that i wasn’t hearing things. he kept messing up on the same exact part, and at the end of the song, he just threw his sticks in the front and apologized. it was really cute. cuz then chris, the bassist, just kept making fun of him. “you made your first fatal mistake when playing a live show by admitting you made a mistake. these people don’t know.” lmao. pshh i totally heard him go off. drum nerd. i know. it’s ok. he learned the set in a few days. he wins in my book.

Top five artists for week ending April 1, 2012:

  1. Every Time I Die (24)
  2. Enter Shikari (22)
  3. Foxy Shazam (18)
  4. Brand New (17)
  5. Patrick Stump (15)

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