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Top five artists for week ending February 3, 2013:

  1. Brand New (14)
  2. As I Lay Dying (14)
  3. Kristian Stanfill (14)
  4. Four Year Strong (11)
  5. Neon Trees (11)

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Too five artists for week ending September 23, 2012:

  1. Gym Class Heroes (18)
  2. Jessie J (16)
  3. Four Year Strong (15)
  4. Young the Giant (15)
  5. Sugar Ray (13) 

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Top five artists for the week ending April 29, 2012:

  1. Four Year Strong (26)
  2. The Sound of Animals Fighting (24)
  3. Thrice (19)
  4. AFI (18)
  5. The Mars Volta (18)

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Top five artists for week ending March 25, 2012:

  1. Every Time I Die (33)
  2. Norah Jones (25)
  3. Girl Talk (20)
  4. Norma Jean (19)
  5. Four Year Strong (17)

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a few nights ago, i had a song stuck in my head and i only knew a few lines from the song. for some odd reason, i had these few lines fused with another song by brand new so i had it mistaken for being an old school brand new track. i looked for the track so i could play it on itunes, but couldn’t find it. by then, i had completely forgotten what was stuck in my head. bummed, i tried to forget about it, but i couldn’t shake it off. since then, i had been asking myself what was it that i was singing. as luck would have it, it shuffled up on my ipod. turns out, the real song was “put you on” by four year strong. now this makes me feel embarrassed because it’s not like me to confuse both bands at all. they sound nothing alike. it also pains me to say this, but i haven’t been listening to four year strong  as much lately. the truth is, ever since they kicked out josh lyford, it hasn’t been the same. he was my fave and it bums me that i never had the guts to ask him for a picture. at least i got to talk to him when i saw them with thursday at new jersey. but without him, the band has been pretty boring. i still wanna see them. i still love them. but it’s just not what i fell in love with.

i could rant on and on about how it’s different now, but i’ll just stop here. i still support them after all.

also, i need to go see foxfires asap.

Top five artists for week ending March 18, 2012:

  1. Something Corporate (23)
  2. Circa Survive (21)
  3. Forgive Durden (16)
  4. Four Year Strong (16)
  5. The Used (13)

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I don’t understand, Four Year Strong. You kicked out the synth but you have songs with keyboards/piano =[


More information on the Four Year Strong side of things when I hear it. 

hey maybe then fys and blink-182 can do a usa tour in massachusetts. it would be epic. josh will have to come back for that

i faintly recall that one of the guitarists or the bassist from set your goals was not really a fan of a day to remember. since then i’ve always wondered if syg would ever consider going on a tour with adtr. i know that musicians’ taste don’t necessarily influence their tour set up, but i’m sure it does sometimes. nevertheless, my hopes are back up today after i watched adtr’s new video for “all i want.” matt and jordan from syg are on it. it’s a win to me.

for all i know they prob did tour together before. warped tour or festivals don’t count.

now if i can only get fys, adtr, and syg to tour together. my life will be complete. <3